Dixie Kozak, RN, BSN, CDP

Director of Nursing

Hobby farm

Hobby farm

Homeschool teacher

Homeschool teacher for 18 years

Loves learning

Loves learning new things

Dixie was born and raised in Wyoming. After studying business and selling real estate for a time she decided to attend college for nursing. She selected Arizona State University over University of Wyoming largely to get out of taking computer classes! Boy was the joke on her! She started out her nursing career working in labor and delivery. After almost a year she decided that was not her calling and accepted a position at Carl T Hayden VAMC working in geriatrics. She loved working with veterans and seniors. Due to an allergy to latex she was forced to leave that system eventually finding work in the home health care arena. She has worked home health for the last 18 years while also being a homeschool mother. After their youngest child graduated Dixie decided to work on developing her career. She took courses and became certified OASIS expert making it clear to her that she was looking for something different. When she saw a posting for Sunland Home Care’s nursing position, after researching the company she decided this was the opportunity she was looking for and applied. Dixie has a passion for serving seniors and educating the people who care for them whether it be a family member or caregiver.

In her free time Dixie loves spending time with her husband Joe, and the family. She also enjoys reading, sewing, whole food cooking, hiking, embroidery, and many other things. She loves cooking with her niece Jazmarie. If extended time off you are likely to find her with her family and some friends in a home near some mountains for hiking. She tries to travel back to Wyoming and Montana once a year.

I feel very deeply that life is a gift that one should fully appreciate and be truly thankful for. Having experienced some personal health issues I am truly grateful when I wake up alive. I love my job because it allows me to learn and grow, challenge myself to learn new things, and be of service at the same time. I love working with seniors because they have so much to offer, they have experienced the world and have so much knowledge to share. I love hearing about their experiences in life. I still fondly remember a patient who would tell me the same stories every day as though it was brand new to me. His joy was amazing! If I can in some way help them to have a better quality of life for a time, then that is a double bonus. I love working with caregivers because they have incredible loving and giving hearts and we can learn and grow together to be better providers for our clients.”
— Dixie Kozak, RN, BSN, CDP