When we drive by signs that read, “Thank you Healthcare Heroes”, you will automatically think of doctors and nurses. But do you think of caregivers as well? Our caregivers are also in the front lines. Now more than ever, we want to take a moment to salute our caregivers here with Sunland, and everywhere.

During the height of the pandemic and even still, remote options have been given to many employees. However, this cannot be the case for healthcare workers whose work can only be performed in person. Caregivers take time away from their families – to be with yours. Sure, on one hand, this is their job. But very few of us expected a pandemic. If you really think about the kind of selflessness it takes to leave the safety and comfort of one’s home to go another and ensure the same is provided there, that’s pretty heroic!

Gratitude for the caregivers at Sunland

We continue to be so proud of the caregivers at Sunland – they really are a cut above the rest. They come to us because they have a selfless commitment to give back to the community. Our caregivers genuinely wish to care for seniors. We see their best intentions and passion for what they do in their eyes when they interview with us, and these qualities equal true dedication. These components combined with our extensive training ensure that the caregivers with Sunland are the best to serve their clients. They truly care about our senior family and have the skills and expertise to boot.

How our caregivers are adhering to new Covid-19 protocols

The pandemic has changed many ways we are used to interacting with one another, and that’s something we take very seriously at Sunland. At the same time, we recognize there must be a balance.

Our caregivers are careful to take the sterile and sanitary measures in their physical interactions with our senior clients but are also sure to nurture their relationships with them just as much. They remain warm, friendly, empathetic, and personable. After all, these relationships, new and old, are built on trust and compassion. These relationships are oftentimes the secret sauce to someone feeling more at ease allowing a caregiver into their lives and homes. We ensure we are doing everything mandated to meet safety requirements while maintaining the deep trust we’ve built.

We are so honored to be on this journey with you and our caregivers who love you.

P.S. One more thing!

Did you know? You can send a $100 prize to a healthcare worker!

Sunland holds our healthcare workers in such high esteem that we have created an opportunity for you to nominate a local healthcare worker of your choice for a $100 prize! If you know of a wonderful healthcare worker who you feel just goes above and beyond, nominate them HERE, and surprise them with a special gift to make them feel appreciated for all of their dedication and hard work!

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