Year-round, we are continuously thankful for our caregivers. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to make sure to shine a spotlight on the tireless efforts of our caregivers and extend our gratitude for them.

We here at Sunland could not be more proud and grateful for our dedicated and compassionate caregivers! Thank you for the genuine and sincere care you provide our senior community.

  • Our caregivers are support experts – When you think of what caregivers do, you may think about them helping our seniors around the house so they can maintain daily life safely in their homes. But it goes deeper than that. Our caregivers support our seniors not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. They are patient, kind, listeners, and provide much-needed comfort, companionship, and peace of mind – by simply being present. They are always there to make a difficult day better.
  • One of the family – Caregivers play a huge role in our seniors’ lives and the lives of their families, so they are sure to treat their clients like their own family. They recognize that it is a privilege to come into the lives and homes of those they care for. They love to make their seniors feel special while keeping them healthy and safe. Sunland caregivers know the best way to accomplish this is to truly take the time to get to know and build a relationship with the seniors they are caring for. The results? Better quality of life and happier, healthier seniors. Our caregivers also know that the better they care for their senior, the more peace of mind that senior’s family will have, knowing that they are in such kind and nurturing hands.
  • Caregivers pay attention to the details – From help preparing meals, to picking out clothes, to playing favorite music or games, to telling jokes, our caregivers make sure that the time they spend with their seniors is time well spent. They invest time and attention to make sure they know the preferences of their client and meet their unique needs to help make them feel understood, dignified, and like they are at their best. Our caregivers are invested in developing relationships – no watching the clock here. They sincerely want to make a difference in the life of their senior with each visit.

Giving from the heart the way our caregivers do comes naturally. But it still depletes the caregivers’ reserves, and they need their support too! We often hear of our caregivers getting cards and notes of appreciation in the spirit of Thanksgiving. If you are so inclined, we know our caregivers would love to hear how they are positively impacting your lives!

Thank you to our Sunland caregivers – we are so grateful for you! It’s through your service that you create happier and healthier lives for the senior community.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Traci Beagley, CDP
Founder & CEO

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