Now more than ever people are turning to in-home caregivers to assist seniors at home so they can maintain their way of life as much as possible. When you have decided to hire a caregiver, there are some proactive things you can do to prepare and support the success of in-home care. By taking these steps, you, your family, and the caregivers can collaborate on a clear plan of care with ease.

Assess your needs

To prepare for in-home care, you will want to assess and communicate what exact needs you have and what your expectations will be with your care manager. We are here to help with:

  • General care and supervision – We are great companions, we accompany you to adult day dare, can be an activity partner, sort mail and organize, even assist with reading.
  • Personal care and hygiene – You may require help with bathing, personal grooming, oral hygiene, incontinence/bathroom assistance, help to get dressed, wheelchair assistance, eating and feeding assistance, and/or monitoring healthcare equipment. We can help!
  • Meal preparation – We are happy to assist with creating a nutritious menu, grocery shopping, cooking meals, and help with eating.
  • Light housekeeping – From laundry to dishes, we can help you make sure your house stays tidy for your comfort and for when you have visitors.
  • Transportation – If you need someone to bring you to doctor or even hair appointments, we can do that! We can also get you out of the house to go shopping and see friends.

Practical considerations

  • Make a list of the physical challenges in your home currently standing in the way of enjoying daily life. Perhaps you require a ramp instead of using stairs. Maybe you now need a walker or cane to help steady you as you move through your home. Whatever it may be, let us know so we can assist you with the help you need. Be sure that the areas where you walk are clear from obstacles to eliminate the risk of bumping into anything or falling. We can help you with this as well!

If you are feeling uncertain about what needs to prioritize, or have questions about something that isn’t listed, please call us at 480-588-2650, and will help you determine what you can do at home to prepare.

Getting in-home care is easier than you think! All you have to do is call us at 480-588-2650 for a free in-home assessment!

While we attempt to give accurate, up-to-date, and safe information in all of our articles, it's important to note that they are not meant to be a replacement for medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare provider. Always seek the advice of a practicing professional who can diagnose your individual situation. Our blog post content is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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