We are so excited to share that for the second year in a row, Sunland has been named a Great Place to Work Certified company! We ranked #4 in this year’s Fortune Best Workplaces for Aging Services™ 2020 in the At-Home Care category.

Sunland is so proud to have won these esteemed awards, and even more proud of the culture we have created for our employees – because it allows us to serve our seniors better than any other homecare company.

Being certified as a Great Place to Work means so much to us, and we are truly humbled. This is a reflection of how much heart and soul we pour into recruiting only the very best home caregivers. We pride ourselves on superb employee culture, care, retention, and above all, how that translates into the unparalleled service we provide you.

When we founded Sunland Home Care in 2016, we knew in order to serve our senior population better than the competition, we would first have to build a unique and amazing culture. And we did.

We consistently create pride in our culture and how we engage our wonderful employees. Our culture has been built on one main philosophy which is:

We are family

Sunland is family-owned. And for us, that means your family, is our family. From clients to caregivers, we are sure to treat each individual like one of our own family members. We recruit the very best caregivers and one of the prerequisites is that they share in this philosophy.

When you or your loved one has a fall, develops memory issues, becomes ill, or needs assistance in any way, our level of care cannot be outdone for this reason. We carefully select not only the most skilled but the most sincere of home caregivers.

“I love interacting with people and have been in the healthcare industry since 2007. Serving our senior community is incredibly fulfilling. Our seniors have given so much throughout their lives, and it’s incredibly important to give back and serve them in their later years. I’m truly dedicated to this work, and working with Sunland enables me to make a positive impact in our senior population.”

Jerry Barney – Community Liaison

Want to be the best home care company to work with? Recruit the best caregivers

If you’ve ever looked for a job you know the drill – apply online, attend a job fair, or seek a recruiter who specializes in your niche or industry. But you know how we get the best applicants? Word of mouth. That’s the best part of recruiting with Sunland. We have some very satisfied caregivers and they let their peers know when there is a job opening (and their peers love them for that!).

Offerings to maintain a happy caregiver group

It’s no secret that when you treat someone well, there is a trickle-down effect. Traci Beagley, Founder, and CEO, said it best, “When our caregivers are happy with the company they work for, they do a better job with our clients.” And that about sums it up, right? We are sure to provide the tools and benefits to our caregivers that other companies don’t. Some of those are:


After caregivers are recruited, Sunland provides full benefits and paid training – a perk not offered at every home care facility. We take the experience they came with, and turn them into no just superior caregivers, but care experts. We don’t just train once. We are sure to have regular paid training so caregivers are up to the latest innovations in the healthcare world. They in turn feel so confident about performing their jobs, that their professional and knowledgeable demeanor with seniors becomes effortless. In turn, our clients and their families feel a sense of comfort and trust. It’s a win-win.

“I have been in service to those who require care for over 20 years. From special needs to seniors, caring for those in need is just what I am meant to do. Additionally, I have been a hands-on caregiver for years and am honored to guide others on how to make decisions regarding care. Working with Sunland is the perfect opportunity for me to make a positive impact in the world, and I love seeing that come to fruition. From community outreach, to recruiting and training caregivers, we are working to ensure the very best care for our seniors.”

Jessica Houlihan – Community Liaison


Performance incentives and acknowledgment of contributions go a long way in motivating our caregivers. We have a board in our meeting room with every caregiver’s name on it. When someone has a great week or has accomplished a goal, they are rewarded. It may sound like a small thing, but those little acts of encouragement strengthen the morale of employees, which is reflected in the care they provide.

Our legacy of serving seniors continues, and we could not do it without our outstanding caregivers. Let’s rise and give them a round of applause for them and in thanks for a Great Place to Work certification!

Here’s to building on the best to provide exceptional senior home care services. We are here for you on this journey!

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