Finding in-home care for your loved ones is overwhelming at first. You are going to have a lot of questions.

We answer them for you!

You need to cover all of your bases. So we compiled a list of the most important questions to remember to ask when interviewing an in-home care agency.

    You will want to know who is liable should any injuries occur while your loved one is in care. If the caregiver gets injured, who is responsible? If your mom or dad gets injured at the fault of the caregiver, who is responsible? You, the agency or caregiver? Ask us!
    How do I know caretakers are safe and responsible? How will I know if they are carefully vetted and have no criminal record?
    Sunland maintains a careful and ongoing vetting system to make sure all staff has a spotless record. And, we continue to complete background checks every six months to ensure they stay that way. Please note that not all agencies or contractors are held to this standard. Ask us about our stringent vetting process and background checks.
    Hands down, Sunland provides the best training in the industry. We pride ourselves on:
    • Extensive onboarding training
    • Ongoing paid training for caregivers, which is very rare in this industry. We provide ongoing training to caregivers to make sure they are fully qualified on the most current practices.
    • Monthly incentives. We will let you in on a little secret! We have monthly incentives for top performers. This keeps our already compassionate and dedicated staff even more motivated and engaged with our mission of providing outstanding care to our seniors.
    Because there is no legal mandate for caregiver training, it can be concerning when hiring a contracted caregiver. If contracted caregivers do have training, it is usually minimal because they often have to pay for it themselves. There is no requirement for ongoing training necessary to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare standards of in-home care.
    • With Sunland, your parent will never be at risk for going without care. There is always someone on call for backup if your caregiver gets sick or has an emergency. We have a backup on the scene within two hours.
    • Sunland holds all employees accountable for tardiness – so we rarely have issues with lateness!
    • Conversely, contracted caregivers have no mandate or accountability to show up at all. Sometimes that results in no care given.
    • Sunland is careful to provide checks and balances to ensure the best care. It’s important to note that contracted caregivers do not have the same reporting structure, so when an issue arises, you will be back to square one looking for a new caregiver to hire.

And now our favorite part…

Customization and Assessments

Because this is what we do!

You need to ask caregiver providers what type of patient customization is available, and how to determine they are the best fit for you or your loved one’s unique needs.

This is our favorite question because we feel so strongly that customized, compassionate care is our biggest strength!

We believe that each senior has their own set of unique dynamics to be closely monitored and have a care plan designed specifically for.

How do we determine your care plan? Through our assessments! Call 480-588-2650 now to speak with a live person about your assessment given over the phone.

We take all of the possible needs of senior care into account. Through our discussion, we will learn what you need and want from a caregiver. You may require someone who is Alzheimer’s or dementia certified, need someone to be able to lift a patient of a certain weight, have hygiene requirements, or help around the house. Whatever it may be, we can help.

You will get a team:
After speaking with you about your needs and concerns, Sunland is able to choose a caregiver and a care manager for you. These compassionate staff members will be chosen depending on what qualifications are required for the specific needs of the client, by carefully working through our assessment with our clients and their loved ones.

How your team works:
The caregiver and care manager work together as a team to ensure that all bases of care are covered. Call it a checks and balances thing. Your caregiver will provide the physical care, while your care manager will provide field checks and review care plans, checking for improvements or potential decline in health or other health changes.

Once your team is assigned, we begin a care plan book for you. From there, your caregiver and care manager keeps and reviews notes together so clients, family, and healthcare providers are communicated with and kept on the same page. While the caregiver focuses on the real-time care of you or your loved one, the care manager will be available to you to manage the more administrative functions of care. From billing questions to the performance of your caregiver, your care manager will be available to you for anything that may come up.

Your team is a call away! Call 480-588-2650 today!

Have more questions? Call us at 480-588-2650 to speak with someone and get your answers now!

While we attempt to give accurate, up-to-date, and safe information in all of our articles, it's important to note that they are not meant to be a replacement for medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare provider. Always seek the advice of a practicing professional who can diagnose your individual situation. Our blog post content is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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