– A message from Traci Beagley, Founder & CEO

When I founded Sunland Home Care in 2016, I knew exactly what vision needed to be realized in order to serve our senior community best. I took the lessons I learned from my grandpa, my commitment to providing sincere and responsible home care, my passion for community service, and Sunland Home Care was established.

Sunland is different, and we pride ourselves on that.

Your family is our family

Sunland isn’t just another business. Our family is taking care of yours. We are sure to recruit the very best home caregivers out there. When you or your loved one has a fall, becomes ill, or needs assistance in any way, our level of care cannot be outdone. We carefully select not only the most skilled but the most sincere and caring health professionals. We understand inviting a stranger into your home can be daunting at first. And it is that understanding that makes us the ones who will serve you best.

We treat our staff like family, too

Just as we are sure to care for your family, we care equally for our staff and make sure they are empowered in their careers as health professionals. We work as one big team. Good morale is important at Sunland and we are sure to provide what our staff needs to maintain a happy life in, and outside of work. We offer what most home care companies do not. From full benefits to consistent paid training to performance incentives, our staff knows they are taken care of. And that results in them taking better care of you and yours.

Sunland has a long history of senior care in our community. I have been drawn to serve seniors since I was a child. My grandpa, Ross Farnsworth, is one of my biggest influences in the creation of Sunland. He established the first 55+ community in the East Valley in 1958. Not a whole lot of folks were doing that then! But my grandpa looked holistically at his community and saw a need that required being fulfilled. And now, we do the same.

A note about COVID -19

We know that COVID -19 adds even more questions to your list when considering home care. All of us at Sunland have been trained and certified in the latest procedures and precautions in order to comply with this pandemic. If you have any questions about procedures we are implementing to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, please contact us at any time. We are happy to chat with you!

We understand the decision to begin home care is an important one. We are here for you and look forward to serving you.

Wishing you good health,

Traci Beagley
Managing Partner

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