“My dad lives in Arizona and my siblings and I live in New Jersey. He had a stroke and has recovered a bit, but still requires assistance a few times a week. What can I do from here?”

One of the most common calls we receive is from families who live in a state other than Arizona. It’s stressful for families to have distance between them when a parent needs care in another state. They wonder how they can care for their loved ones from afar.

No one can take your place. However, Sunland will help you with your long-distance caregiving needs. We have been working with out-of-state families for years. We offer peace of mind and can be present with your loved one when you cannot.

Some seniors require daily care. Some seniors only need caregiver services periodically. No worries! Sunland can provide care on an as-needed basis.

Let us visit your loved one for you – and follow up with you (or the power of attorney) with a report. It is said that 70% of communication is observation, and that’s exactly what we can provide. We will be able to observe your loved one when you cannot. We will advise you if they are able to maintain their daily routines such as housekeeping, hygiene, keeping up with the mail and bills and errands, and the like. Our visits will also ensure that they are able to walk, take medications regularly, see if they are experiencing any balance issues, and check on their mental health.

Our caregivers are available for daily visits, wellness checks, care, and companionship. They always double-check that the living environment is a safe place to live and can contact you should they see that improvements are required so you can make arrangements.

Our private duty nurses can provide weekly visits to those who do not require daily care. Often they will establish a baseline, and then visit weekly for medical observation, take vitals, and see if any changes are occurring.

Either service you choose offers peace of mind for you and your loved one. And, our clients have mentioned their mindset is better and they feel far less lonely when they know someone will be checking in on them. It’s truly a win-win.

Be proactive. Lessen the risk of injury, a hospital or ER visit, or decline of your loved one by contacting us today. We are here for you and your family.

While we attempt to give accurate, up-to-date, and safe information in all of our articles, it's important to note that they are not meant to be a replacement for medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare provider. Always seek the advice of a practicing professional who can diagnose your individual situation. Our blog post content is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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