Home-Based Medical Care Services

We provide personalized in-home private duty nursing services to assist seniors with their medical needs.

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Medication Management and Administration

RN will review all medications and fill pill boxes. This will be signed off by a physician. Special arrangements will be made for medication.

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1-Hour Wellness Checks

Head to toe assessment of your loved one, basic nutrition assessment, and a walk through the home to identify any risk factors and decline.

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Fall and Balance Assessment

Our RN will use the Balance Tracking System to assess the current fall risk. If your loved one is not able to balance well enough to complete this test, additional fall risk assessment tools will be used.

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Wound Care

Medical treatment so your loved one heals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Geriatric Care Management

  • Evaluating, arranging for and monitoring in-home personnel and care needs.
  • Coordinating medical appointments and arranging for transportation.
  • Identifying social services and programs that could help the care recipient.
  • Making referrals to financial, legal or medical professionals and suggesting ways to avert problems.
  • Explaining complex or difficult topics with the recipient of care or family members.
  • Creating short- and long-term care plans that could include other living arrangements.
  • Acting as a liaison to families who may be hundreds of miles away.
  • Answering questions and addressing emotional concerns of caregivers and their loved ones.
  • Arranging for relief or respite care for stressed-out caregivers.

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and more!

  • IV infusion
  • Screening for depression, nutrition, and home safety
  • Chronic care education (COPD, CHF, Diabetes)
  • INR monitoring
  • Colostomy/ileostomy care
  • PleurX drain care
  • RN accompanied visits to and from doctor’s appointments
geriatric care management

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