Peace of Mind with Every Call – Keeping Your Loved Ones Connected and Cared For

The Sunland Connect Program alleviates these anxieties with dedicated check-in calls, providing a compassionate ear, timely reminders, and the reassurance of safety and companionship, all while allowing your loved ones to maintain their independence.

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Our mission

Our Commitment to Solving Loneliness with Accessible Care

Facing the challenge of ensuring the well-being of isolated loved ones can be a daily concern that adds stress to your life. Imagine the constant worry of not knowing if your elderly parent has taken their medication today or if they’re feeling the pangs of loneliness.

Sunland Home Care alleviates these anxieties with dedicated wellness calls, providing a compassionate ear, timely reminders, and the reassurance of safety and companionship, all while allowing your loved ones to maintain their independence.

Our features

Comprehensive Features Tailored for Comprehensive Care

Sunland Home Care Connect’s features are designed to support and uplift your loved ones with consistent, attentive care. Each aspect of our program is crafted to bring comfort and security directly to your family member’s home.

Our plans

Customized Care Plans to Suit Every Need

Choose from our tailored care packages designed to provide the perfect level of support and engagement for your loved ones. Each plan offers unique features to ensure comprehensive care and peace of mind.

Caring Package

Check-in call for attentive, day-to-day engagement.

$9.00 /per call

Complete Package

Choose a comprehensive, worry-free solution with up to 4 calls a day, or 120 per month. This plan is perfect for ensuring regular check-ins and sustained companionship.

$299.00 /month


Frequently Asked Questions

Sunland Home Care’s check-in calls stand out due to the professional training and consistency in talking to your loved ones.

Unlike family calls, which are invaluable but can vary in regularity and expertise, our professionals are trained in elder care, offering a reliable and consistent source of companionship and support.

They are adept at identifying and addressing the unique needs of seniors, providing not just social interaction but also health and safety check-ins, medication reminders, and emotional support in a structured manner. This ensures a balanced, comprehensive approach to the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Sunland Home Care’s wellness calls significantly reduce loneliness in seniors living alone by providing regular, meaningful interaction.

These calls offer a consistent, caring connection, making seniors feel heard, valued, and socially engaged. Regular conversations help alleviate feelings of isolation, keeping them mentally and emotionally stimulated.

This consistent social interaction, especially tailored for the elderly, plays a crucial role in enhancing their overall quality of life and well-being.

Yes, at Sunland Home Care, clients have the flexibility to customize both the frequency and type of check-in calls they receive. This personalized approach allows the service to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each client.

Whether it’s more frequent check-ins for companionship, specific times for medication reminders, or tailored conversations for emotional support, the plan can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of each senior, ensuring they receive the most beneficial and comfortable level of care.

The professionals making the check-in calls at Sunland Home Care are selected for their specialized qualifications in elder care and related fields.

They possess a blend of healthcare knowledge, experience in caring for seniors, and skills in compassionate communication. This ensures they are not only proficient in providing emotional support and companionship but also in addressing the specific health and safety needs of the elderly.

Their training equips them to effectively engage with seniors, making each call both comforting and beneficial.

If a client does not answer a scheduled check-in call at Sunland Home Care, a structured protocol is followed to ensure their safety and well-being.

Initially, additional attempts are made to reach the client. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the client’s designated emergency contact is notified.

This system ensures that any potential issues are promptly addressed, and necessary actions are taken to verify the client’s status, maintaining their safety and the peace of mind for their families.

Sunland Home Care ensures privacy and confidentiality during check-in calls through stringent adherence to privacy laws and protocols.

Our caregivers are trained in handling sensitive information with the utmost discretion. Client conversations and data are kept confidential, with access strictly limited to authorized personnel only.

This commitment to privacy safeguards the personal and medical information of our clients, ensuring a secure and trustworthy service environment.


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Personal and professional

“Personal and professional. Excellent workers tailored to my needs. Contact always available. Highly recommend! ”
Judilch Crisi
Judilch Crisi
Patient since 2017


Impressed with care

“I am impressed with the care and attention that Sunland Home Care gives to the individuals they work with. They have mastered the ability to be both caring and professional. A truly amazing group of people!”
Timothy Coons
Timothy Coons
Patient since 2017


Excellent care

“Sunland Home Care stepped in and provided excellent care for our Mom. I appreciate their patience, professionalism, and their commitment to care for their patient, my Mom.”
Deb V
Deb V.
Patient since 2017

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